Embrace Data with Signals Playbooks

Start your influencer workflow with advanced reporting templates from Signals Playbooks. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can hit the ground running, building growth marketing strategies across your digital channels. With minimal input, gain profound insights into competitors, industry dynamics, voice in the product landscape and key events.


Stay Ahead by Monitoring Competitors

Monitor and analyse competitors’ online strategies. Glean insights from their successes and missteps to further refine your influencer and other social campaigns.

Leverage social data and analytics to empower your influencer marketing campaign strategy. Develop precise audience targeting, content optimisation and ROI measurement. By harnessing insights, brands can create data-driven growth marketing strategies with effective collaborations, ensuring maximum impact and engagement. Drive success with informed decisions in the dynamic world of influencer marketing.


Optimise and Scale with the Affinity algorithm

Need to scale your next influencer campaign? Leverage our Affinity engine to generate lists of influencers with a likeness to the ambassadors already working well for your brand. Powered by machine learning, the Affinity Engine zeroes in on individuals sharing a strong mutual connection in interests, audiences and performance. By analysing cross-platform profile correlations, it guarantees influencers you can leverage to scale your next campaign.

The Affinity engine is a proprietary algorithm that uses machine learning and audience psychographics to determine the correlation or similarity between thousands of profiles across social platforms. It then compounds post-level signals and attributes to identify influencers and brands with strong alignment. This helps ensure that the influencers you select have an audience with interests aligned with your brand. Affinity works across key social platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch, to pull global data points that increase accuracy.


All-in-one Campaign Management

Working with numerous influencers in a marketing campaign can present several challenges. Coordinating schedules, content approvals and aligning brand messaging across a diverse group can be time-consuming. Centralise your conversations, content reviews, approvals and KPIs. From e-signing contracts to content feedback, Tagger by Sprout Social simplifies your influencer management, ensuring alignment across all stakeholders.

  • Toggle on/off various components to tailor the campaign management dashboard to create completely customised workflows for your organisation
  • Upload and send campaign proposals, creative briefs and contracts
  • Leverage the platform messenger to create outreach templates with personalised tokens for communication at scale
  • Navigate between internal and external communication threads to ensure team alignment to provide concise direction and feedback to your influencer partners
  • Upload and send campaign proposals, creative briefs and contracts; or leverage the Dropbox Sign integration to keep your legal agreements organised


Comprehensive Insights with the Report Builder

Report Builder delivers custom insights. Select, modify and use these insights to communicate your growth marketing victories.

Your time is valuable, and collecting pertinent data to determine the success of your influencer campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming. With Campaign Summary, you can automatically capture all relevant social data as defined by the parameters you have set for your campaign. Analyse and report on your campaign’s impact. Visualise your campaign metrics in real time, refining your strategy with each insight.

Need to share campaign results with a larger group? Leverage Report Builder, a library of sleek report design templates or create your own for the customised needs of your organisation.


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