Develop Media Plans Backed by Data

Gain in-depth insights into audience demographics and psychographics. Determine the most engaged user segments and tailor your media strategy for precision outreach. Unlock the potential of Tagger’s social intelligence engine, Signals, to gain valuable insights into social conversations related to your brand, vital for crafting impactful campaign strategies.

Social media and influencer marketing are pivotal channels for industry success in today’s digital landscape. Harnessing data through Signals is the key to distinguishing between campaign failure and viral triumph with impressive ROI. Signals empowers your media planning team to:

  • Investigate industry trends
  • Gauge competitor performance
  • Measure your share of voice on social platforms
  • Set realistic campaign benchmarks
  • Validate audience demographics and psychographics
  • Visualise top-performing creative content


Find White Space with Platform APIs

Connect to data from leading social platforms via our formal API partnerships. Identify untapped opportunities and steer your campaigns to platforms where your message can make a significant difference. Pinpoint market white space by closely monitoring conversations, trends and competitor activities.

Leverage Signals, our social intelligence engine, to analyse relevant social conversations to uncover unmet needs and pain points. Examining competitor gaps and assessing emerging trends provides further insights for media planning. Utilise demographic data to help identify underserved customer segments.

Visualise the social data to spot patterns and identify white space to unlock opportunities. Craft tailored influencer strategies to fill these gaps with your brand’s products or services and meet evolving customer demands effectively.


Scale Your Media Plans with the Affinity Engine

Align content with audience interests using Tagger’s Affinity Engine. Factor in competitor spending and market trends to create a media plan that’s both strategic and responsive. Seeking to amplify your brand’s success with proven strategies? Utilise the Affinity engine to compile lists of influencers who share similarities with your existing successful brand ambassadors.

Powered by cutting-edge machine learning, the Affinity Engine delves into individuals with profound commonalities in interests, audiences and performance metrics. Through in-depth cross-platform profile correlations, it guarantees a selection of influencers poised to elevate your upcoming campaign.

The algorithm amalgamates post-level signals and attributes to pinpoint influencers and brands with substantial alignment. This ensures that your chosen influencers have audiences whose interests harmonise seamlessly with your brand. Affinity extends its capabilities across key social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch, harnessing global data points for heightened accuracy.


Unite Content and Media Goals with Social Intelligence

Ensure that your content and media strategies are harmonious. With social intelligence, pinpoint influencers whose content amplifies your media objectives for a united campaign approach.

Analyse social data to refine your messaging and creative briefs for influencer partners and ambassadors. Review your influencer’s followers’ demographics, interests and behaviours to tailor the message to the audience’s preferences. Utilise Signals, our social intelligence engine, to identify trending topics and sentiments, ensuring that campaign content aligns with current conversations and resonates with the audience.

By analysing the influencer’s own content and style, you can collaborate on the messaging’s tone and style, ensuring authenticity for both your brand and your influencers. Use the Campaign Summary tool to compile feedback and engagement metrics from previous campaigns to aid in refining messaging strategies over time.


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