Affiliate & Link Tracking

We sweat the small stuff. You get full-funnel performance insights

Tagger’s agnostic affiliate solution provides the flexibility to support all of your unique Campaign needs to measure traffic, conversions, and sales.

Measure Conversions
Communicate with New Audiences
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YOU CHOOSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU with tagger’s flexible affiliate solutions

Leverage Tagger’s robust global inventory and work directly with creators, no affiliate network needed. Or integrate your existing affiliate network relationships, and activate campaigns through a network you’re already established on, directly through Tagger.


Tagger’s link tracking tool appends UTM parameters and platform pixels to links so you can pull key performance insights into analytics tools like Google Analytics and create audience retargeting pools on platforms like Facebook Ads Manager and Google Ads.

TINy code, big results

Easily generate tracking links and pass them to creators, directly through Tagger’s modular campaign workflow.

We Play Nice in the Sand Box

The Tagger pixel tracking solution is compatible with all major DSPs, so it can accommodate pixels from the platforms you use the most to help fulfill you brand’s full-funnel marketing needs.

The Tools You Need to Measure Results

Use your analytics tools to measure conversions created as a direct result of your influencer content. Attribute sales back to individual creators within Campaign Summary, and understand which creators are driving the most conversions for your brand.

Spread the word

Add a pixel to your Tagger link and create a pool of new users who can later be retargeted using paid media.

Tagger helps you nurture your affiliate relationships and grow your brand.