Tagger influencer campaign dashboard

Modular Campaign Workflow

At Tagger, we understand that no two campaigns are alike. That’s why our modular campaign workflow is designed to simplify planning, posting and pacing, optimizing every aspect. It aligns seamlessly with your organization’s unique processes, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Jake Hay, Head of Business Development, PopShorts

Every campaign we run starts with Tagger. The powerful user interface combined with industry-leading data sets our team up for success no matter the platform or creator. We will continue to work with the Tagger team for many years to come!

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Campaign Management Features


Build lists and organize your vetted influencers. Quickly reference and accelerate sourcing during pitch and activation phases by labeling current and prospective creator partners. Use the label filter feature to hone in on influencers within a label group that fit a specific use case, such as a target audience or demographic.

Affiliate & UTM Pixel Tracking

Leverage Tagger’s robust global inventory and work directly with creators; no affiliate network needed. Or integrate your existing affiliate network relationships and activate campaigns through a network you’ve already established. Tagger’s link-tracking tool appends UTM parameters and platform pixels to links so you can pull key performance insights into analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Creator and Collaborator Portals

The Creator and Collaborator portals are designed for easy onboarding, communication and collaboration in real-time. Use the modular template builder to prioritize which metrics influencers/collaborators can see. Organize feedback, approvals and performance for your influencer and brand partners in one intuitive interface.

Campaign Summary

Track and report accurate and real-time campaign results across all platforms. Select the metrics that matter most for your campaigns. Fully customize your report with our modular, easy-to-use interface. Access various pre-made templates or build your own for easy reporting. Apply the learnings to your next campaign with the myriad of tools at your fingertips.

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