The Affinity Engine is Tagger's proprietary algorithm to find the right influencers

The Affinity Engine

The Affinity Engine is our proprietary algorithm that uses machine learning and audience psychographics to identify brands and creators with a strong affinity. It correlates similarities between thousands of profiles across social platforms and helps ensure influencers have an audience with aligned interests for your campaigns.


Daisy Kelly, Associate Director of Social Strategy, EssenceMediacom

When sifting through an extensive list of influencers, I like how Tagger allows me to preview the stats of each influencer, flick through the most relevant content before needing me to open a new tab or navigate away. Tagger includes many different filters to help me refine my search, only to have the talent that best suits my campaign.

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Consolidated Profile Data

Tagger’s influencer profile view aggregates data from leading social channels, offering a comprehensive view of social media presence. Gain deeper insights for more informed evaluations when selecting ideal brand partnerships.

Search Filters

With over 50 search filters, our platform offers users thousands of combinations to discover the ideal influencer partners that perfectly align with their brand. Easily find the perfect match to build authentic brand relationships.

Content Health

Our Content Health feature enables thorough research and comparison of crucial performance metrics among influencers. Evaluate engagement by platform, content, post type and platform-specific metrics. Make data-driven decisions effortlessly to optimize campaign performance.

Influencer Recruitment with Sync

Leverage Sync to build a custom landing page to attract, qualify and capture prospective influencers for brand partnerships, ambassador programs, content collaboration and influencer campaigns.

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