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Kendall Pereira, Digital Account Director, Middlechild

I like the fact Tagger is always updating their platform and transparent about what is coming down the pipeline. This assists agencies like ours in planning and how we use the platform. While there are numerous aspects of this platform that I love, there is also the realization that we are not fully leveraging its capabilities. One of the key elements I appreciate in addressing this issue is the Tagger staff. Wow. We always feel supported and we know this team doesn't sell in the platform and leave you high and dry. We are 2+ years in and love the team.

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Authenticate your Shopify Plus store to ship products directly to influencers as part of your workflow. Assign unique discount codes to attribute sales performance to individual influencers and creators.

Dropbox Sign

Formalize influencer and creator relationships with easy-to-use contract management from Dropbox Sign. Generate and send contracts to your hired influencer directly via Dropbox Sign as part of your workflow, allowing you to formalize collaboration agreements and stay organized.

Meta Advertising

Import ad data from Meta platforms (including Facebook and Instagram), to visualize holistic campaign performance in one place.


Leverage PayPal’s fast and secure digital transactions to pay your hired influencers in many currencies directly within Tagger. Keep track of paid and pending payments easily within your campaign dashboard.


For added security and to manage your team’s user accounts,  integrate Tagger within your organization’s login process via Okta’s secure single sign-on solution (SSO).

Tagger platform integration: Shopify, Okta, Dropbox, Link, PayPal, and Meta Advertising

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