Intelligent Pre-Campaign Planning

Harness the power of Signals, Tagger’s social intelligence engine, to understand social conversations relevant to your brand and pertinent to developing effective campaign strategies. Social media and influencer marketing have become the go-to channels for digital marketing campaigns across all industries.

Now more than ever, leveraging data to inform the framework for your campaigns can mean the difference between your campaign failing to meet your goals and viral success and compelling ROI. Signals provides all the data your team needs to:

  • Research industry trends
  • Access competitor performance metrics
  • Quantify share of voice across social channels
  • Establish achievable campaign benchmarks
  • Confirm audience demographic & psychographic assumptions
  • Visualize best performing creative content

Tagger Signals reports for pre campaign planning

Discover Right-Fit Influencers

Our Affinity engine, powered by machine learning and audience psychographics, zeroes in on brands and influencers sharing a strong mutual connection. By analyzing cross-platform profile correlations, you can quickly identify influencers whose followers align with your brand and are the best fit for your unique campaign goals.

“Tagger completely transformed and up-leveled the way I manage my influencer marketing campaigns. From influencer identification to content management, measuring success in data – my success in campaign execution from A-Z has been outstanding thanks to Tagger.”

Melanie Ramirez, Digital Account Executive, Allison + Partners


“It’s an easy-to-use platform that streamlines our influencer marketing operations. We couldn’t run our campaigns without it. The team at Tagger is always helpful and supportive.”

Sally Krueger, Chief PR & Content Strategist, Rooster Strategic Solutions

Seamless Collaboration & Approval

Working with numerous influencers in a marketing campaign can present several challenges. Coordinating schedules, content approvals and aligning brand messaging across a diverse group can be time-consuming. Centralize your conversations, content reviews, approvals and KPIs. From e-signing contracts to content feedback, Tagger by Sprout Social simplifies your influencer management, ensuring alignment across all stakeholders.

  • Toggle on/off various components to tailor the campaign management dashboard to create completely customized workflows for your organization
  • Upload and send campaign proposals, creative briefs and contracts
  • Leverage the platform messenger to create outreach templates with personalized tokens for communication at scale
  • Navigate between internal and external communication threads to ensure team alignment to provide concise direction and feedback to your influencer partners
  • Upload and send campaign proposals, creative briefs and contracts; or leverage the Dropbox Sign integration to keep your legal agreements organized


Effortless Campaign Execution

Deploy high-impact influencer campaigns without the hassle. Tagger tackles the manual process pain points of influencer marketing with automated workflows and intuitive collaboration tools for your entire team.

  • Allow extensions of your team to contribute to campaigns with the Collaborator Portal. Create customized views for collaborators to review content, contribute feedback and access campaign performance summaries
  • Onboard your influencer partners to their Creator Portal, allowing them to review creative briefs, upload content creative, review feedback and access their campaign performance summary
  • Keep all of your influencer payments organized in one place with the payment dashboard. Denote payments made directly to influencers or leverage our PayPal integration


Accurate Reporting & Insights

Monitoring live campaigns in real-time and post-campaign summary reporting is quick and easy with Tagger. Bid farewell to manual analytics. Tagger’s Campaign Summary tool leverages Signals to automatically populate relevant posts, content and performance data (as defined by your custom campaign parameters) across social media channels into one dashboard.

  • Keep tabs on real-time campaign performance and identify optimization opportunities
    Integrate with your favorite tools, from Google Analytics to Facebook Ads Manager, to further measure campaign performance.
  • Generate bespoke campaign summaries with the Report Builder tool to better convey campaign value
  • Easily provide performance reporting to a wide range of stakeholders with the most relevant metrics.
  • Document key learnings for future campaigns

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