scrolling tiktok

As a content creator, building and connecting with an audience through your own creative expression is the ultimate goal – and for many creators, establishing brand partnerships is an effective way to support programming and channel growth. But cultivating business relationships is a lot different than cultivating an audience. Followers want to know all about you. Brands want to know your audience, what will resonate most with them in your potential partnership, and how the partnership will ultimately perform relative to their KPIs.

To further your growth as a creator, from both reputation and monetary standpoints, it’s important to proactively position yourself in front of brands and meet them where they’re doing their research.

Identifying the creators who are the right fit for a brand isn’t easy – just ask any marketer. Brands can’t just focus on follower count and profile look/feel as clear “brand fit” indicators anymore – it’s more complicated than that. Important signals like community connections are critical considerations to finding the right fit for the brand and business objective is how businesses maximize the value of creator partnerships. They can’t do that without more insights. More importantly, they can’t do that without comparative data. Your content’s performance metrics might be great, but how do they stack up to creators in the same category or with a similar size following?

Creators have always played a vital role in the entertainment platform ecosystem, but the platforms have historically been slow to recognize this, and traditionally haven’t allocated resources towards its growth. As the creator economy has continued to evolve, so have the development of tools for both brands and creators to collaborate.

TikTok is leading this charge. They’re focused on the continued development of products aimed to enable collaboration between brands and creators, for the growth of the Creator economy. As a creator, TikTok provides the tools to help in efficient collaboration with brands, both for Creators part of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace (TTCM) and not. For brands, they’re assured quality and real-time insights directly from the platform that help measure the efficacy of a partnership.

This includes real performance metrics such as audience demographics of the post, watch time, engagement over time and more. They can also search for creators by audience size, location, category and even compare creators to find the perfect fit for their campaign.

As a badged TikTok Marketing Partner, Tagger is positioned to help brands and creators alike find success on TikTok and fuel the creator economy. Through this partnership with TikTok, we have plugged into their TTCM API which enables our hundreds of brand partners to activate using verifiable insights and collaborate with creators directly via our platform.

Click here for a case study to learn more about activating TikTok on Tagger, and here for more information on TTCM.