Unlock a new level of campaign performance with TikTok’s Invite Links. Unleash the potential of your marketing strategy and drive exceptional results on the world’s most engaging short-form video platform. Creating branded content using TikTok’s Invite Links drives the best-performing content on TikTok, generating a 2x higher view-through rate and 2x higher engagement rate. You can read more about it in the Case Study published by TikTok.

What Are Invite Links? Invite Links are a fast and efficient alternative to creators providing the login authorization that other platforms require for first-party data. When you give a creator a unique Invite Link, they will click and be taken into a seamless upload flow in which content can be posted, and officially marked as branded to comply with TikTok’s branded content policies.

Beyond publicly available data points such as captions, likes, comments, shares, and views, Invite Links provide insights into a range of performance metrics that drive informed decision-making:

  • Video Completion Rate: Measure how the contents of your video are received by understanding what percent of viewers watched in its entirety.

  • Total Play Time: Know exactly how much time users spend watching branded content across your entire campaign.

  • 2&6 Second View Percentage / Average View Duration: Understand how long viewers engage with your videos, enabling you to understand where brand mentions need to be placed in the future.

  • Engagement Trend of Post: Track the trajectory of audience engagement over time, helping you identify trends, successes, and areas for improvement.

  • Audience Demographics: Understand the actual engaged audience and geographic distribution of your posts, helping you refine targeting strategies in the future.

  • Audience Device: Understand your audience’s devices to access TikTok, allowing you to optimize content for specific platforms or screen sizes.

  • …And more!

Using TikTok performance metrics can help you understand the effectiveness of your current campaigns, and optimize those in the future. For instance, higher view percentages and completion rates are indicators that your content is compelling and able to retain your viewer’s attention, which is crucial for delivering your message effectively. With that understanding, you can take the same message into the next campaign and keep audiences continuously engaged in your brand.

Similarly, audience demographics such as gender, age, and location help you understand whom your campaign is resonating with and, more importantly, who it’s not. This data will help you tailor content and targeting strategies, specifically which influencers to partner with and how they should speak about your brand. Remember, using TikTok performance metrics is an ongoing process. Continually analyze the data, experiment with different strategies, and adapt to the changing preferences of your audience to achieve the best results.

For more information on how to use Invite Links, visit TikTok’s blog.