madden media destination marketing

Delve into the challenges Madden faced in efficiently measuring the impact of their influencer-driven narratives and how they overcame these obstacles with a centralized solution. Join Josh Johnson, Madden’s Associate Director of Creative Services, on their journey to find the perfect tool, leading them to Tagger by Sprout Social.

Explore Tagger’s suite of tools that became essential in refining Madden’s influencer strategy, from discovery to campaign management, and measuring effectiveness. Tagger’s flagship offer, Signals, boasts the most comprehensive influencer dataset on the market, empowering Madden to structure influencer deliverables for the strongest ROI.

Discover how Madden continues to leverage Tagger to adapt to algorithm shifts, craft engaging campaigns, and build deeper resonance with their target audience. Uncover the impressive results, insights, and strategies that contributed to the success of each campaign.

Download this exclusive case study and gain valuable insights into Madden Media’s innovative approach to Destination Marketing.