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The Affinity Tool

The Affinity Tool

Find creators who already love your brand.

let affinity do the heavy lifting for you

Tagger’s Affinity engine is a proprietary algorithm that uses machine learning and audience psychographics to determine the correlation, or similarity between thousands of profiles across social platforms. Simply put, we can tell you who the most relevant creators are for your brand.

affinity connectS you to the influencers that fit your brand

We help you connect with the precise creators cultivating communities that align with your brand (or brands like yours!).

Why Affinity

Take a closer look at how affinity works

  • The Affinity engine compounds post-level signals & attributes to ensure that Creators you select have an audience with interests that align with your brand.

  • The Affinity algorithm works across key social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch to pull global data points that increase accuracy.

  • Combine demographic insights with affinity psychographics to find the perfect geographic fit where your products are used and sold.

WE Keep content appropriate

We’ve compiled a robust list of explicit keywords to protect our clients and ensure the creators you choose, align with your brand’s ethics and values. Toggle on/off offensive words to ensure you only see creators who are appropriate for your brand.

Understand how AUTHENTIC your CREATORs TRULY are

Tagger’s Authentic Follower Analysis Tool digs deep on user profile data to reveal a comprehensive view of a creator’s authenticity score. We spot bots and suspicious growth so you can see the quality of a creator’s audience.