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Welcome to the dynamic world of gaming influence, where our Influencer Gaming Index serves as your ultimate guide to the top players in the gaming universe. With estimates predicting 3.8 billion active gamers worldwide by 2030, gaming brands have a vast target audience base and numerous opportunities to gain traction. Influencers, in particular, present an excellent opportunity to review and provide game recommendations, cultivating loyal and trusting audiences.

While gaming influencers have been a presence since the early 2010s, the space has evolved with the introduction of new platforms and content types that resonate with target audiences. The Tagger by Sprout Social Gaming Index delves into data from 2023, identifying the latest trends and insights that brands should know today to achieve success in this ever-evolving landscape.

Delve into exclusive data and gain access to key performance metrics, from engagement rates to follower growth, for a data-driven approach to understanding influencer success.

Download your copy now and stay ahead of gaming trends, target the right audience, optimize campaigns, and fuel your strategy with the successes of top gaming influencers. Level up your strategy, elevate your brand—dive into the gaming universe today!