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Tagger's all-in-one global SaaS solution is revolutionizing influencer marketing. Tagger is not just an influencer marketing platform; it's a social intelligence engine unrivaled in the industry. 

How Does Tagger Work?

Many influencer marketing platforms only offer basic tools to help you find influencers, but they lack crucial information about their engagement levels and followers. At Tagger by Sprout Social, we take influencer marketing to the next level.

API Integrations

Tagger's direct API connections allow us to gather extensive real-time data from any brand, influencer, or social media platform worldwide without influencers needing to opt-in (although many do!!). With this information, you can make informed decisions in creator selection and content while staying true to a cohesive and market-driven strategy.

Which Companies Use Tagger?

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  • Tagger's all-in-one SaaS solution is trusted by over 900 brands, agencies, and media buyers worldwide and is available in 10 languages.

  • Tagger's platform empowers marketers to execute and elevate every step of the marketing process, from data-informed market research to discovering and hiring high-value Creators and analyzing campaigns for future success.

  • Tagger gains API approval from six major social platforms, allowing uninterrupted collection of millions of data points every day for 7 years, making it the most reliable and data-rich platform in the industry.

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